• Karabagh Rugs - A History
    Karabagh Rugs

    Karabagh Rugs – A History

    FEATURED RUG: THE KARABAGH Click here to see our current inventory of Karabagh rugs Karabagh rug, Karabagh also spelled Karabakh, is a floor covering handmade in the district of Karabakh (Armenian-controlled Azerbaijan), just north of the present Iranian border. As might be expected, Karabagh designs and color schemes tend to be more like those of Persian rugs than do those made in other parts of the Caucasus, and it is difficult to distinguish Karabagh runners from those of Karaja, in Iran, to the south. Certain Karabagh rugs also resemble those of Shirvan to the north in Azerbaijan. HISTORY Carpet-weaving was historically a traditional profession for the female population of Karabakh (Artsakh), including many Armenian families, though there…