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I sell very unique and unusual Persian Rugs. My favorite collections are the Hunting Rugs, Lion Rugs, Bird Rugs and basically all rugs!

Most of my rugs are collection pieces that I have been collecting over the past 10 years.

In a second warehouse, I sell Antique Qing Dynasty Furniture.

You will find a most unusual assortment of furniture... An Antique Wedding Sedan, A 6ft x 6ft drum, beautifully painted cabinets, armoires, tables, benches, apothecary cabinets, desks and much more. See the Qing Dynasty Set on our Flickr site for more information.

Anyone interested in purchasing a rug can call me at 410-833-2662

-Donna Hoffman

email: [email protected]

Located @ 513 Mitchel Drive, Baltimore, Md. 21136

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