Baltimore Magazine – Carpetbeggars is Best of Baltimore 2023

Edited by Janelle Erlichman Diamond & Christianna McCausland |  Handlettering by Lienke Raben | Spot Illustrations by Emily Joynton.



This is the kind of place where seasoned designers and new homeowners rub elbows as they lose entire afternoons flipping through three stories of extraordinary Persian rugs.

Go for the rugs, but stay for the magic of owner Donna Hoffman, who passionately recalls and recounts every detail of the history and design of her impressive stock.

Her Reisterstown warehouse is filled with antique, vintage, and modern “floor art,” as well as one of the largest collections of lion rugs and Persian folklore rugs on the East Coast.

Make an appointment to visit this wondrous place—trust us, no matter what you pick, you’ll love it. Link to article.

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